The main conference will take place on 20th-22nd May 2021.

Last updated: 18/05/2021

Wednesday 19th May

Workshop on Syntactic Change in Progress.

Thursday 20th May

Morning session:

09:00-09:10 Welcome
Session: Objects and extraposition (Chair: Ans van Kemenade)
09:10-09:45 Raquel Montero & Joel Wallenberg Using Parsed Metrical Corpora to Investigate the Prosody-Syntax Interface
09:45-10:20 Sophia Voigtmann & Augustin Speyer Where to place a phrase? An informational and generative approach to phrasal extraposition
10:20-10:55 Tara Struik Information Structure and OV-VO Variation in West-Germanic: A Comparative Perspective
10:55-11:25 Coffee break
Session (Chair: George Walkden)
11:25-12:00 Edith Aldridge The loss of wh-movement in Early Middle Chinese
12:00-13:00 James Baker & Ian Roberts
Keynote talk
Extending Parametric Comparison: Some Preliminary Results

Afternoon session:

13:00-15:25: Lunch break and poster session

Session (Chair: Georg Kaiser)
15:25-16:00 Afra Pujol i Campeny in the history of Catalan: from a manner adverb to an assertive marker
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
Session: Grammaticalization paths (Chair: Miriam Butt)
16:30-17:05 Veronika Hegedűs The paths that lead to verbal particles: Evidence from Hungarian
17:05-17:40 Ailís Cournane & Sandrine Tailleur Where do maybes come from? The interaction of history and acquisition
17:40-18:15 Lieven Danckaert Anticausatives and A-movement in the history of Latin

Friday 21st May

Morning session:

Session: Aspect and clause structure (Chair: Roland Hinterhölzl)
09:10-09:45 Ulrike Demske & Ilaria De Cesare Aspectuals between control and raising: a view from the history of German
09:45-10:20 Imola Farkas On the diachrony of aspectual cognate objects in Hungarian
10:20-10:55 Ans van Kemenade Syntactic change and pragmatic maintenance: discourse particle then over the history of English
10:55-11:25 Coffee break
Session (Chair: George Walkden)
11:25-12:00 Hannah Booth & Christin Beck Information structure and word order change: verb-first and verb-second in Icelandic
12:00-13:00 Anne Breitbarth
Keynote talk
Spoken data as a source for diachronic syntax

13:00-14:15: Lunch break

Afternoon session:

Session: Verb-second and verb-third (Chair: Georg Kaiser)
14:15-14:50 Espen Klævik-Pettersen & Ailís Cournane The role of the conservative learner in the rise and fall of verb-second
14:50-15:25 Melissa Farasyn It makes it (is) very interesting: V>2 patterns with 'het maakt' in spoken French Flemish
15:25-16:00 Eric Fuß & Roland Hinterhölzl On the historical development of pronouns referring to situations: the case of so-called 'expletives' in Germanic
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
Session: Grammatical relations and case (Chair: Anne Breitbarth)
16:30-17:05 Nicholas Catasso & Chiara De Bastiani The diachrony of V3 in German (and what it tells us about the CP in Old English)
17:05-17:40 Morgan Macleod, Elena Anagnostopoulou, Dionysios Mertyris & Christina Sevdali On the development of indirect passives in English and Greek
17:40-18:15 Miriam Butt, Ashwini Deo & Christin Beck Tracking case innovation: a perspective from Marathi
18:15-18:30 DiGS Business Meeting

18:30-20:00: Physically distanced conference drinks (Gather; BYOB)

Saturday 22nd May

Morning session:

Session: The morphology-syntax relationship (Chair: Ian Roberts)
09:10-09:45 Chris Reintges Residual verb movement in an analytic language: evidence from Coptic Egyptian (handout)
09:45-10:20 Barbara Meisterernst The loss of morphology and the emergence of analytic structures in Chinese
10:20-10:55 Silvia Terenghi Non-primary person features and the evolution of Romance ternary demonstrative systems
10:55-11:25 Coffee break
Session: Adjectives, verbs and verbalizers (Chair: George Walkden)
11:25-12:00 Laura Grestenberger The diachrony of verbal categorizers in Indo-European: where does v come from?
12:00-12:35 Alexander Pfaff How to become an adjective if you're not strong (enough)? The development of weak "adjectives" in (North) Germanic
12:35-13:10 Sigríður Sæunn Sigurðardóttir Góður þessi bjór 'Good this beer': A change without a change

13:10-14:25: Lunch break

Afternoon session:

Session (Chair: Miriam Butt)
14:25-15:00 Guido Mensching The Old Sardinian quantifier totu 'all': (Lack of) agreement and a ∀NumQ-construction
15:00-16:00 Ashwini Deo
Keynote talk
The emergence of split-oblique case systems: a view from the Bhili dialect continuum (Indo-Aryan)
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
Session: Mechanisms of change (Chair: Ashwini Deo)
16:30-17:05 Dennis Wegner The converging grammaticalisation paths of passive and perfect participles: deriving eventive past participles from decausative resultatives
17:05-17:40 Jordan Kodner "Laissez-Faire" Analogical Change
17:40-18:15 Paul Kiparsky When can misparsing cause syntactic change?
18:15-18:30 Closing remarks

Call for papers (now closed)

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