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Note: to all practical intents and purposes, the HeliCoPTER has been replaced by the HeliPaD, which you should use instead. This page is kept only for the purposes of archiving and replicability.

The HeliCoPTER (Heliand Corpus, a Partially Tagged Excel Resource) is an .xls file created in Excel 2004 for Mac, containing the entire of the Heliand, a 5,983-line verse gospel harmony that is our main source for the Old Saxon language. It is separated out by finite clauses (defined as units containing a finite verb), which are then tagged for a number of morphosyntactic properties, of which the most important are:

  • Verb position
  • Clause type
  • Force
  • Subject type
  • Negation
  • Presence of non-finite verbs

The base version is from the Bibliotheca Augustana, and is hence based on the Behaghel (1948) edition. As well as being searchable, the HeliCoPTER facilitates finding (and counting) relevant items using Excel's Sort feature.

The HeliCoPTER grew out of my research into verb position in Old Saxon. It is not intended as an end product but will - hopefully sooner rather than later - be made obsolete by the development of a fully syntactically and morphologically annotated corpus of Old Saxon along the lines of the Penn Historical Corpora of English. In the meantime, I am making it available as a stopgap so that other linguists interested in the syntax of Old Saxon can gather data more easily than would otherwise be possible.

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